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Uprising festival postponed to June 25th 2022

Diamond Head Army! Uprising has been postponed until June 25th 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic. Full statement in the post below.


Hi folks It is with some regret but also with you as our main priority that we are having to postpone Uprising until June 25th 2022, we have been watching events around the UK closely over the last few weeks and it has become apparent that we can't ensure you will get the lineup you are excited to see. Bands and crew are with due diligence having to test for Covid prior to events and if even one member tests positive or lives with someone testing positive it is forcing them to pull from events , we don't want that to be the case as it has for many past and upcoming gigs and small festivals. I can tell you it's looking very promising that we will keep all or the majority of the Saturday bands Confirmed so far!! Orange Goblin, Diamond Head, Raging Speedhorn, Ingested, Red Method, Garganjua, Mage, Twisted Illusion, Blood Oath Also playing the Saturday will be King Creature and Shrapnel With that in mind we still need to do something for you in September !! So... We will still put a weekend of music on at Firebug with the Friday lineup Divine Chaos, Wired THC, Alignments and grunge girls MuddiBrooke joining the bill. Saturday we bring you Raging Speedhorn, Mage, Garganjua, Blood Oath and moving from the Sunday Eastern doom from Lowen Sunday you get Shrapnel, Countless Skies, Sertraline, Morass Of Molasses, Bloodyard and Dreameater If you have bought or buy an Uprising ticket prior to September 11th then show proof of purchase and get a free weekend of music at Firebug as a gift from us to you for rolling your ticket over Otherwise it's it's fiver per day entry We have always ran our events and made decisions with you the customers as our main priority, this will never change, the bands want to play Uprising, we want you there but the time needs to be right and we don't feel that's quite there yet without having a host of bands on the back burner and an ever changing lineup over the next couple of weeks due to that currently ever present Covid 19 Thank you for your support from day one Without you there is no Uprising #YouAreTheUprising


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