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Karl Wilcox Press Release

Firstly I would like to wish everyone “Happy New Year 2024”

2023 turned out to be a year of change for us here in the Diamond Head camp.  As you are aware Brian was asked to play in Saxon, as a fitting replacement for Paul Quinn.  While he is exploring that musical avenue….

I have some exciting news of my own.  I have been given the opportunity to thump the tubs with Rock/Metal Stalwarts/Legends…. TANK.

With a new album forthcoming later this year and tour dates to be announced very soon 

 All dates and info will be on:  And all their respective socials.

I am really looking forward to this challenge and the possibilities this new venture will bring.  And I hope to see you all again very soon.

In closing I wish to conclude by saying this.  Diamond Head is not over we will continue to make music, play live and do what we do.

Peace & Music. 



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