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New Diamond Head music video now live!

The new music video of All The Reasons You Live from the new Diamond Head album is now out! The band asked their fans to vote for the song they thought was the best and All The Reasons You Live is one of the most popular songs from the band's new self-titled album. The video was shot on location at the Hush House, an old jet engine testing facility at Bentwaters Parks, near Ipswich. Director Ben Mills and gaffer Ryan Montieth did an incredible job of lighting and shooting in the jet engine tunnel to great effect. Photographer Lorenzo Guerrieri took terrific promo shots of the band at the location too, which are also being released today.


Director: Ben Mills (

Gaffer: Ryan MontiethLighting

Assistant: Lorenzo Guerrieri

Trainee: Callum Lagden

Produced by: Practical Creative Ltd. (


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