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The Coffin Train is now OUT!

DH army and new recruits!!! 

Our new album is released and available to you all!

Get your copy via this link, and play it LOUD! 

- NEWS -

August 8, 2019

Just back from, what can only be described as the best metal festival in Europe, Wacken and the band is still high from the on stage energy at Bullhead city.

Now this!

The latest Diamond Head video is finally ready to be released.

Diamond Head's fourth single and new lyric video from their newly released and critically acclaimed album 'The Coffin Train' is finally here.

'The Sleeper' is an epic track from the new record. The band felt they had such great reception to 'Silence' from the 2016 album that they wanted to continue adding some of the orchestral elements in their latest release.

The video was produced b...

April 21, 2019

We are really excited to be performing at Wacken. 

Diamond Head’s first appearance was in 2003. While it was brilliant to be appearing on the True Metal Stage at this legendary festival, Diamond Head was not on form and nothing compared to the band now. 

All aboard the Coffin Train 

Diamond Head will shine.  

Brian Tatler.

March 8, 2019

Diamond Head army! Our brand new album “The Coffin Train” is available to pre-order now! Get “Belly of the Beast” instantly when you pre-order the album here:


#Diamondhead #Diamondheadarmy #Thecoffintrain#SilverLiningMusic

March 6, 2019

Loudersound are premiering our brand new track and video for “Belly Of The Beast”  

Check out this furious, ripping and relentless tune - are you ready to be swallowed into the belly of the beast?! Pre-orders available from Friday!


#Diamondhead #Diamondheadarmy #Bellyofthebeast #SilverLiningMusic

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